Jacob & Summer - The Deserts of Apple Valley

Summer & Jacob are two kids I watched grow up. They aren't really kids anymore, but sometimes it is so hard to believe that other people grow and mature, and get married... and have babies.... (cue the old lady cliches, "just yesterday you had braces and were in middle school...." )

However, when we got together to do the photoshoot, I realized I had never heard their official love story. I had no idea that these two were high school sweethearts. The love they share isn't just a whirlwind romance. They are comfortable with one another in a way that shows maturity, while still being young at heart. I have always said that young love is my favorite (I got married at 19.) and this couple is no exception. Jacob couldn't keep his hands or eyes off Summer. It was adorable. These two are going to make great parents and I can't wait to meet their cute little boy in February.

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