Jared & Katie Engagements - Spring Valley Lake Country Club

This couple was a dream to work with. I have known Jared for quite awhile. He is actually my husband's super close friend. So when they wanted to work with me I jumped at the chance to get to know a little more about the girl he would be marrying. We had a blast running around the golf course and I learned that you aren't supposed to stand on the "green" (whoops!) They were so in love and straight up HAPPY. We really lucked out because the weather was AWFUL all day. It was super windy and the sky was almost black by the cloudy sky. But the longer we were out, the more the sun appeared and it actually turned out for some GORGEOUS photos. Here's to Jared & Katie and their playful love for eachother. May it last forever.


#springvalleylake #engagements #coupls #couples #engagementphotography #HighDesertPhotography

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