Cami Judd

My name is Cami, short and simple, just like me. I am a Wife to the sweetest man alive and a Mom to two crazy fun girls. I love Dr. Pepper and jumping on the trampoline with my kids.

My heart is in creating, whether that is with fabric and a sewing machine, or with crayons coloring next to my kiddos. Making things pretty is something I have always enjoyed. 

You will most likely find me in a worn pair of jeans, a comfy vintage tee and my hair up in a messy topknot. I love getting dolled up, but let's be honest #momlife most days so I keep it simple. 

When taking photos I focus on getting striking images that you can't wait to share. I help my clients to feel relaxed and themselves. Lifestyle and Photo-Journalistic vibes are my JAM. I am an avid believer that candid smiles are the best ones. If you are having a good time, it shows. So here's to having a good time. 

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